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About US

About Us

Tahfeez Academy

Tahfeez Academy is an Online Quran academy. It started working in 2024. And aims to spread Quranic education around the world. The lack of Islamic educational institutes in online space has created a vacuum. It needs to be filled so that everyone can learn Islam and the Quran. We are bringing the light of the Holy Quran to online spaces.

Our expert Quranic teachers know the value of everyone’s time, therefore, they are extremely punctual and never miss a class for any reason. You can rest assured that once you start taking these online Quran learning classes with us, you will be reading Quran fluently in no time.

At our online Quran academy, we believe everyone, regardless of age, gender, or occupation, is entitled to learn the Holy Quran. In this message, we believe with all our hearts. In this, we want others to believe. So, join us and be one of us!

Our Mission

“The best among you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it” (Bukhari)

We aim to provide quality Quranic and Islamic education online. The main focus is on reciting the Holy Quran with the rules of Tajweed. Tajweed is necessary for reverence and submission in Salah (Namaz). Moreover, Tajweed is one of the etiquettes to read the holy Quran. Online Quran academy considers that the basic knowledge of Islam should reach every Muslim. The “online” aspect of the academy is an extension of that goal.

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